Natural Hair Restoration Products


One of the major concerns about prescribed medicines is the potential harmful side effects that are caused by taking the drugs. Sometimes, the side effects are worse than the problems that the drug attempts to treat. When you watch TV, you see a lot of commercials where 10 seconds is spent on talking about the positive effects of the latest wonder drug and 90% of the remaining air time is spent talking about the negative side effects. I think if I were given the choice between getting heartburn if I eat a pepperoni pizza and to die because of a drug, then I’ll just quit eating pizza and never take the costly and dangerous prescription.

A good example of this concern is found with hair loss treatments. Finasteride, which is the most popular prescribed drug for male pattern baldness, works great as a blocker of DHT but it has several negative side effects that make this best hair restoration medication seem not worth trying.  Natural Hair Restoration A major negative side effect for men is lost sex drive or a reduction in libido. This may sound nonsense to you but remember that most men are worried about their baldness because of the thought that they are going to be left out of the dating and love arena. What’s the use of a full head of hair if you have lost the energy to show sexual interest? This is not a fair trade off at all.

This problem is minimal compared to what women may experience from using Finasteride. A woman who even touches the powdery substance of its broken tablet can absorb the active ingredient of the medication through her skin. This can result in possible birth defects to the unborn male fetus inside her. To be specific, the natural development of sex organs is disrupted.

If you want to fix your problem with hair thinning and baldness but you do not want to suffer from any hazardous side effects, you should consider two of the most popular and effective natural hair restoration products. One of these products is Saw Palmetto and it has been used for several centuries by the indigenous people from the Southeastern US. The extract of this bush is used for treating different ailments such as male urinary tract related problems which is the same issues which were originally addressed by Finasteride. This extract is taken orally in tablet forms.

The second product for natural hair restoration is the root of the stingy nettle root. The plant can grow in most parts of the world and its properties are similar to Saw Palmetto. In comparison, the extract of Saw Palmetto has more effective results than the stingy nettle root.


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